I've upgraded my desktop and laptop last week. By "and" I mean that I've bought an desktop replacement class notebook - an Asus G73 series. Amongst many nice parts it has I'm very happy about the harddrives - Seagate Momentus XT, click the link to see an very interesting benchmark of it. Anyways, that's not what this post should be about.

The G73 has an backlit keyboard, which may come in handy while late night coding without lights on as I like to code sometimes. (I'm using a X6 Sidewinder, even with this Notebook so it's not like it's keyboard matters to me most of the time ;-)) As usual with such "super cool addons" the funtion keys regulating the keyboard backlight seemed to only work on Windows - which I'm only using for gaming (but rarely) and testing if the software I happened to write runs ok on it. Anyways, turns out that the keyboard does really well integrate with linux, and you just need a few simple commands to use it, I've made them available on github :-)

https://github.com/ktoso/g73-keyboard-backlight-sh <- Go here to check it out :-)

Asus G73 Keyboard Backlight GNU/Linux Scripts  

To enable the `Fn + F3` and `Fn + F4` shortcuts to work under linux and really  
manipulate the backlight brighntess on your *Asus G73* series notebook, follow theese simple steps:

1. Clone this repository to your home directory (or wherever you want to, I'll do this example for ~/ for simplicity)

 git clone git://github.com/ktoso/g73-keyboard-backlight-sh.git g73

2. Make sure all scripts are marked executable:

 cd g73
 chmod +x *.sh

3. Take a look at these scripts to make sure you trust them, why? Because they'll need root access,  
   without asking for the password. Now we'll add these scripts to allow `sudo`to run them without 
   asking for any password:

 su -c 'visudo' # or 'sudo visudo' if you're a sudoer (on ubuntu etc)

 There just add the following lines at the end of this file (or similar, with the script names etc).
 Of course, replace `ktoso` and `/home/ktoso/` with your *username* and *your home directory*.

 ## allow running keyboard backlight scripts
 ktoso ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/home/ktoso/g73/*

4. Now all that's left is to setup the key bindings for the scripts. If you're on KDE4, just go to  
   *System Settings -&gt; Shortcuts and Gestures -&gt; Custom Shortcuts* and *edit -&gt; import...* the file **~/g73/g73_keyboard.khotkeys**
    which contains ready keybindings for these scripts. 
    Now you may use `Fn + F3` to make the keyboard backlight shine **less**, and the `Fn + F4` combination to make it shine **more**.